We are all about LOVE and CELEBRATIONS here…

The Heart of Unforgettable Celebrations

IIWC brings together the world’s leading minds in luxury and destination Indian weddings. Our commitment to fostering collaboration, sharing expertise, and exploring the limitless possibilities of weddings has seen two successful editions spanning over 30 countries. From our roots in India to the global stage, IIWC is a beacon for wedding planners, suppliers, and venue providers

Love. Romance. Passion.

Just like the most enchanting love stories, IIWC finds its roots in a flame of passion. Originating from an ardent longing to provide a sanctuary for Dream Wedding experience, IIWC has evolved into the ultimate destination. Today, IIWC is the center where trendsetters, visionaries, and the zenith of the wedding planner community come together.
At IIWC, we create the perfect environment to cultivate flourishing partnerships and celebrate the art of dream weddings.

Values That Define Our LOVE…

Through time, attentiveness, and dedication, IIWC has flourished into a work of art, a spectacle that forges connections between businesses and individuals alike. Much like any meaningful relationship, we too communicate through our distinctive love languages.

The Home of Extravagant Events!

Life is meant to be celebrated in style, and that’s why we exist—to create unforgettable moments that sparkle with glamour and leave you breathless.
We are the architects of extraordinary experiences. Our team of creative visionaries and meticulous planners work tirelessly to bring your wildest dreams to life. Step into a world where imagination knows no bounds. Our events are a fusion of artistry and innovation, where every detail is carefully crafted to mesmerize and captivate. From stunning décor that transports you to another dimension to performances that leave you in awe, our goal is to exceed your wildest expectations.
Welcome to the Home of Extravagant Events. Welcome to IICW.
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